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This site is all about me! (and skydiving)


Who is this Skyjerk clown, anyway?


What the fuck is Skydiving?


It seems that I've developed a habit of jumping out of airplanes.

I engage in this exhilarating activity at a couple different drop zones.


"Skydive Cross Keys" in Williamstown, New Jersey

"Above the Poconos" in Hazleton, Pennsylvania



OK, now where was I?

What? Oh...yes. That's right dumbass....perfectly good airplanes.

Unfortunately for most skydivers, that's a VERY popular joke/question

among Whuffo's


OK! Lets do this!!!


Here we have a nice shot of Williamstown, NJ from 13,500 ft.

This picture was taken on the same jump run as the

dive on my videos page titled "Solo jump from a Turbine Pilatus Porter"

This shot was taken approximately 15 - 20 seconds before we

exited the aircraft.


The runway is the long straight thing at the lower left and

the landing area is the open area with the two dots in it.


Here it is again a little closer to the ground.

The second shot was taken on the same jump as the first.



Here is my favorite view of Hazleton, PA.

Hazleton is the other drop zone I like to visit.


Well, back to the matter at hand. Yep. I jump out of them.


You can see some of my recent jumps by selecting them from the Jumps

menu to the left.


I've jumped from 7 different types of planes at this point.

You can take a look at a bunch of them by selecting them from the Aircraft

menu to the left.